Date Spots in Orange County - Places to Go on Your Next Date

Published: 05th October 2009
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Dinner and a movie is so cliché. Whether it's a first, second, or fifth date with someone or you're planning something special for your steady boyfriend or girlfriend, taking him or her somewhere different shows that you put some thought into it and that won't go unappreciated. Orange County has a lot to offer - there's something for everyone, from having fun in Downtown Disney to dancing the night away at one of Orange County's unique nightclubs. Choose the date spot that suits you and your date or partner best .

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Go play and have fun

Downtown Disney is a happening spot to spend time together and can be lots of fun. Take a wander through the theme park, shop or enjoy some street performances then stop in at the Rainforest Café for a bite to eat. If you're in the mood for some live music, head to the House of Blues or to Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen.

Hit the beach day or night

The beaches of Orange County are good for dates, day or night. During the day, go swimming together or play some volleyball or Frisbee or just lie in the sand and soak up the sun. For a nighttime date, enjoy the sunset and watch the stars come out. Take a romantic night stroll along the shoreline or light up a bonfire and cuddle up together in the moonlight (most beaches allow it).

Take in Orange County's natural beauty

There are many national parks and forests in Orange County with trails for you to go biking or hiking. Pack a blanket and when you come across a beautiful spot, stop, sit and just enjoy nature together or go for a swim. For a really unique date, go horseback riding or scuba diving at Crystal Cove Park.

Bring out your artsy side

There are numerous theater, ballet and musical performance venues in Orange County, including the Garden Grove Playhouse, the South Coast Repertory Theater and the Balboa Performing Arts Theater. For a classy evening out, catch a show and go out for a glass of wine afterward.

Dance the night away

Hit one of the many nightclubs around town. If you want something upscale, try Club Vegas and The Boogie, or Liquid Lounge which has a sushi bar and an in-house Jacuzzi. For a really cool nightclub experience, head to the Shark Club. It has a 2000-gallon shark tank in it. But whichever club you choose, have fun and dance your hearts out together.

Bill Franklin is an author of note on many lifestyle topics and was formerly a member of Nuera Network gay dating service. Bill has travelled the world writing reviews of clubs and restaurants geared towards same-sex couples.

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